Storja Ta'
A new documentary series on TVM News+

Storja ta' - a new TV documentary series

Motion blur has embarked on a new project, Storja ta’, a new television series that tells the life story of persons over the age of sixty.

We will not tell the stories of statesmen or celebrities, we have heard theirs over and over again. Instead, we will tell the stories of people you never heard of, or barely ever.

Every person has a story. Each one of us has lived through episodes or experiences others can learn something from. Whether how one behaves in a difficult situation or the joy experienced in another.

Imagine every single one of us was a processor going through the instructions of what is life. Every processor will go through different experiences or sets of data with particular results.

Society, civilisation moves forward by compounding the experiences and the knowledge of those that came before us. Families, societies, civilisations pass on their combined knowledge for future generations to form better futures.

Every processor in this mega task can and should contribute. Throughout this series, we will gather more information, knowledge and experiences acquired in lifetimes.

A poster depicting one of the questions asked on Storja ta' - Do you have any Regrets?

The series will help the audience identify with the protagonists, it will show them how the latter went through events in their lives similar to what the audience is currently experiencing in their life now.

The series will take the form of an extended interview with one protagonist throughout each episode. We will visit them in their homes and in locations that were dear to them, throughout their childhood, their work-life or through some event in their life.

We will ask lots of questions, some may be hard to answer. We will extract their reason for living, their way of life, all that moves them forward. We will discover which stories had the most impact on their lives and how they changed its trajectory.

Poster depicting one of the questions asked in Storja ta' - Which was the greatest day of your life?
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