about motion blur

motion blur is a visual content studio based in Malta. It creates visual content, from short clips for Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and the rest, to high-end commercials to documentaries and TV series.

motion blur will help you develop and create engaging content to help you reach your clients. We can start from the very beginning, coming up with concepts from scratch, or else we will help you take an idea from your imagination all the way to the screen.

Motion Blur is a company that has a lot of experience despite its young age. It was founded in 2006 by two graduates of a communications course who happened to work for the top media production house in Malta at the time. After two years of hard work and dedication, they decided to start their own company and that's how Motion Blur came to be.

Since then, its work has been broadcast on several tv stations, film festivals and online in numerous countries. motion blur has made tv adverts, online videos, tv series, short films, corporate videos, you name it.

why motion blur?

One could ask, why would they choose to work with motion blur, rather than with any other company out there?

Motion blur has a dedicated team of experienced personnel with a focus and passion for the screen. The company has years of experience yet it constantly changes and adapts to the ever changing landscape of effective marketing and emerging technologies.

Motion blur keeps only a selected number of projects at any point in time to ensure that all clients receive undivided focus and that their project is delivered on time and at the highest quality.

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