Filming in Malta - Testimonials
Highly rated producers, directors and actors, speak highly of Malta, its crew and people

A scene for the Apple TV Series Foundation filmed in Malta

Malta is a popular location for producers from all over the World, not least for Hollywood producers. The ever-growing list of Films, Tv series and adverts that can vaunt the filmed in Malta tag are testament to that.

When I was young, we would hear of films like Popeye and Midnight Express. The list has since multiplied, both in length and prestige. Films like Gladiator, Troy and Munich have joined the list. Even series, like Game of Thrones and the highly anticipated Foundation for Apple Tv have been filmed here.

Malta boasts a vast array of locations that often stand in for different locations around the world. The particular architecture of character-rich areas ranging from Medieval fortified cities to scenic beaches. The size of the island means that the crew can easily travel from one location to the next without wasting time.

A scene from Assassin's Creed filmed in Malta

Accommodation and catering are surely not an issue as Malta can boast world-class hotels and is equipped for the most demanding of productions. More importantly, Malta can provide a highly experienced technical crew.

Malta offers very advantageous tax rebates and the second-largest water tank in the world. The tank of the Malta film studios in Rinella facilitates any water-related filming, with an infinity tank, wave generators, underwater facilities and whatever a production might need to pull off eye-watering shots.

Malta's water tank, the second largest in the World

The Malta Film Commission asked motion blur to produce a video with testimonials from the movie industry. As you can see from the video, highly rated producers, directors and actors, speak highly of Malta, its crew and people.

Producing this video was a rewarding experience. It gave us the opportunity to work with world-class material and portray our country and our industry in a positive light.

A scene from 13 hours filmed in Malta

Moreover, it helps showcase what our country can offer and the experiences of industry practitioners to help new productions film awesome projects. Motion blur has helped a number of foreign productions film Tv adverts in Malta. Our experience filming on the islands for more than fifteen years can help you find the exact right location, hire the best possible crew and acquire the right permissions for your next masterpiece. So if you, or maybe know someone who is considering a beautiful location for their next production, don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out how we can help you get the best shots in Malta.

A scene from The Promise filmed in Malta
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