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..because we love filming in Malta, and are convinced you will love it too!

Experienced with over 10 years of film making in Malta we know how to get around the Maltese Islands. We can provide you with highly specialised professionals of all fields and a wide range of diverse screen talent for your next production in Malta.

Montionblur‘s line producer Shirley Spiteri Mintoff has run her own production company since 2006, directing and producing hundreds of commercials for and with local and international clients. In 2016 she was awarded the prestigious MSFF ‘Best Local Director‘ award for her short film.  Shirley will personally take care of your project and ensure you have an inclusive, professional and calm experience on budget.

Hello, sun!

Malta has a Multi-lingual culture, meaning English is spoken by all. And did you know we have an average of 12.33 hours of sunlight per day!

Meet your talented & passionate crew

We are equipped for any size and type of production. Often called “The Hollywood of the Mediterranean”, our crews are used to working on large scale productions like Game Of Thrones, Gladiator, Assassin’s Creed, World War Z and many others.

Experience short distances

With only 316 km² our shooting locations are always within reach!

Why work with us?

As one of Malta’s most established media production houses, motion blur has a wide range of experience and connections.

In comparison with most of Europe, Malta is generally known as a very affordable filming location. motion blur‘s ties with the Maltese film industry enable us to benefit from local recourses in a most effective way.

We provide quality that can outdo the services you will receive in any other country. Due to Malta’s popularity with foreign productions, our equipment, crews and cast are of the highest standards.

Whatever you require, for us it is just one phone call away. Whether you need a chocolate stylist or an antique car from 1935, we can arrange anything.

We offer any and all of the following services:


Location Management


Equipment Rental

Crew Hire

"...It all started with a challenging project pitch in February this year.
All other production houses, maybe we too, would have gone to South Africa to shoot a “ Summer” commercial in February, but then we started to research and negotiate with Shirley from Motion Blur.
Within only some days, we could find the appropriate locations there! And furthermore we could negotiate an appropriate and suitable budget."

- Das Rund, Austria.

Why Malta?

Malta has an enormous variety of indoor and outdoor shooting locations. With 356 churches, rocky and sandy beaches, little towns and villages and a rich history of successors, all leaving their fingerprints in the landscape and architecture. Many European and Arabic influences are to be found creating a unique style for any production!

We can provide you with locations, representing each era in history, from Stone Age temples, over Renaissance palaces to WWI and II relics, from the Industrialisation and the Modern Age of Globalisation and anything in between.

Being located in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta has always attracted visitors from all over the world. Our community of multicultural screen talent still represents that advantage.