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Shirley Spiteri Mintoff

–  D I R E C T O R  &  P R O D U C E R  –

With close to 15 years of experience in the Maltese media industry, Shirley knows how to combine know-how with creativity and passion. Shirley believes, that there is an individual solution for every client and that nobody should be satisfied with a standard off-the-shelf advert. It is her goal and ambition to make each and every product stand out and turn heads.

Frederike Schier

–  E X E C U T I V E   P R O D U C E R   &   E D I T O R  –

Combining German perfectionism and the Maltese can-do spirit, Frederike knows how to help your video become just what you wish it to be. She believes that often it is the little things, that make a big difference, and she will personally make sure that no detail or person gets overlooked.

Chris Caruana

–  E D I T O R  –

With a wide range of experience in all kinds of different projects, Chris knows the right approach for your product. He knows how to add that little something that will turn your advert into an eye catcher that will stay on people’s minds all day. No matter what type of production he is working on, Chris is not willing to settle for “good enough”. He believes that it is always worth going that extra mile.

Andrea Salibra

–  D O P   &   E D I T O R  –

With his keen eye for detail and a touch of perfectionism, Andrea will find the right shot, the right angle, the right light for each and every production. No matter the product or message, Andrea knows the optimal way of visualising it. He believes it is the right combination of technical skills and creative passion, that will give you an outcome which will not be overlooked.

Roos M Jansen

–  C I N E M A T O G R A P H E R   &   E D I T O R  –

As our youngest company member, Roos is full of creativity and passion. She is keen to find a new angle and a modern approach to every project. Roos believes that it is crucial to keep track of trends and movements and to monitor the ever changing taste of your target audience, in order to make each video achieve its full potential.


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